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Athrun/Asuran Zala

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Name: Athrun/Asuran Zala
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 29, CE 55
Genetic Type: Coordinator
Age: 18 years old in Gundam Seed Destiny/ 16 in Gundam Seed
Blood type: O
Hair: Blue/Black
Eyes: Green
Now 18-years-old. Retired from ZAFT and defected to Orb.
 Doesn't use his real name, going by a pseudonym "Alex Dino"
 instead in the first few series and serves as Cagalli's personal bodyguard.
 He was able to make acquaintance with Shinn and the others when he attended
 the secret conference between Cagalli and Dullindal at PLANT. However, because
 of the situation, he is now back into ZAFT and is in the FAITH.

Not confirm Major Spoilers (Below)
Source From:
Gunota Headlines
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And in the later series, he tries to go back to Archangel and was
caught doing so and  then later rescued by Lunamaria  Hawke.
With her help, Athrun is able to steal Infinite Justice and escape
 from Gilbratar. Athrun pilots Infinite Justice back to Orb, and unites
 with Kira. Athrun is also shocked to see Mwu, and realizes that
 he was fighting against him during his time in Minerva. He also
informs Kira and the others about one of Dullindal's true intentions
 is to wipe out the EA (Earth Alliance)