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Stellar Loussier

Image from Kaiyosei Network  

 Lacus Clyne

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Name: Stellar Loussier
Gender: Female
Genetic Type: Natural
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Purple
Status: Earth Alliance Special Forces, Experiment
She is perhaps one of the most admired characters in Gundam seed destiny who has
both cute looks as well as skill. A special forces member of the Earth Alliance as well
as an experiment like Sting and Auel. Because she is an experiment, she seems to
have psychotic reactions to the word "die" as well as similar words.
Shin found out that she is one of the so called EA's "Extended" in phase 26.
She dies in phase 32 after Kira's Freedom  jams it's
beam saber into the cannons and  explosions occur in her cockpit.
She does the sprit thingy with Shinn and they are both very happy
when he told her she isn't going to die and that he'll protect her 
Jane: I feel sorry for her, after having to seeing her and Shin together
and then to see her die in such a sad way...