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Welcome to Bluearth, which  can be also known as Be. (Believe)
 A site with Graphics. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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Lacus Clyne

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Spoilers found from Gunota Headlines
Ep 38 -
"A New Flag" - Dullindal tells the LOGOS to surrender at Heavens Base. Shinn and Lunamaria stand by as the deadline approaches. Shinn promises Luna that he will protect her. All the suddenly, Earth Alliance attacks. ZAFT forces are pushed back by the Destroy Gundam. Embroiled in revenge, Shinn reverses the battle in favor of ZAFT.

Ep 39 -
"Kira of the Sky" - Lacus secretly returns to PLANT looking for the evidence, which will uncover Dullindal's true motives. She successfully finds it. As she tries to return, she comes under ZAFT's pursuit. However, Kira piloting Strike Rouge comes to the rescue.

Ep 40 -
"Golden Will" - Dullindal praises Shinn for his fight at Heavens Base. Shinn is determined to become stronger by forgetting the weakness he encountered when he shot down Athrun. Rumor spreads that Djibril, the only person to flee Heavens Base, escaped to Orb. Shinn starts to point his hatred toward Orb...

Short spoiler found again in Gundam Seed at LJ

In Ep 36:Athrun Escapes we see Athrun/Asuran hand stretching out to someone, that someone is Meer/Mia! However, Meer declares, "I am Lacus ... Lacus!" and she refuses. Though for a moment, Meer's/Mia's real face emerges. Athrun gets on a Gouf to escape. Athrun escapes with Meyrin.

Anyway now onto the translation found in
Gundam Seed at LJ. Enjoy!!

First Translation:

Ep 37 :- Darkness Of Lightning
After hearing of Athrun escaping Gibraltar in a Gouf, the Chairman gives the order to have him shot down. Shinn, who is sent to shot down Athrun along with Rey, wonders if he should really go through with the order. Shinn finally makes his decision, and goes "SEED", shooting Athrun...!

Ep 38 :- A New Flag
With the deadline for the Chairman's ultimatum for Heaven's Base to hand over all Logos members hiding there quickly approaching, Shinn reveal his feelings to Luna. Understanding what it's like to lose those dearest to him, Shinn swears that he will protect Luna at all costs. However, EA lands the first strike and under the fire power of the Destroy Gundam, and ZAFT is on the losing side. Shinn, burning with anger, leads ZAFT back onto the upper hand.

Ep 39 :- Kira Of The Sky.
Lacus, after returning to PLANT, goes into hiding to look for that "Something" which can give an insight to the Chairman's thoughts. When she finally finds a piece of it, ZAFT forces prevents her escape. When all seems hopeless, Kira appears in the Strike Rouge.

Ep 40 :- The Golden Meaning
After hearing the Chairman's praises, Shinn renews his efforts at Heaven's Base. Having given up on dealing with Athrun, Shinn gets information regarding Djibril, after escaping from Heaven's Base, hiding in Orb.

Also another PHASE-37 TV guide spoiler:

Athrun, who escaped from the base, is being pursued by Shinn and Rey. Upon learning that Meyrin is also there, Dullindal, for the sake of maintaining secrecy, gives the order to shoot down Athrun. After receiving the order, Shinn appears confused, and is scolded by Rey. Athrun desperately tries to persuade Shinn while fighting, but his words, twisted by Rey, are unable to reach out to Shinn.

will now go to lurking mode.....

Second Translation:
37 Darkness of Thunder
After deciding to go separate ways with Dullindal, Athrun left the Gibraltar Base. Along with Meyrin, who helped him earlier, they took off in a GOUF. Upon learning this, Dullindal coolly and calmly issued the order to "Shoot down the target". Going after Athrun with Rey, Shinn wavered. Should I really fire on him...?
In the end, the conclusion Shinn reached was to stick with Dullindal. By acivating his "Seed" again, Shinn shot down Athrun...!

38 A New Flag
Dullindal demanded the turning over of the Logos members, who fled to Heaven's Base. As the deadline approaches, Shinn and Lunamaria confronted each other. Knowing how it feels to lose a loved one, Shinn sweared to Lunamaria, that "I'll protect you with all my might".
On the other hand, the EA suddenly dealt a preemptive strike. With the overwhelming force of the Destroy Gundam, ZAFT forces were pushed back. However, burning with vengence, Shinn successfully turned the tide of war, which was in EA's favor.

39 Kira of the Sky
Upon returning to PLANTs, Lacus remained hidden in the shadow while searching for "something" It is something that'd shed lights to the true intentions of Dullindal. Finally, she found the missing piece. While trying to return to Kira's side, ZAFT force stood in her way. Appearing in the last minute was Kira, who came to space, in Strike Rouge.

40 The Golden Meaning
Shinn was praised by Dullindal for his bravery in the battle of Heaven's Base. Determined to dispose of his weakness, which resulted from his anguish after attacking Atrhun, Shinn decided to only aim for becoming stronger. At this time, there came an inteligence stating that Djibril, who escaped from Heaven's Base by himself, was in hiding in Orb.
Shinn's focus of hatred, now turned toward Orb...