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Welcome to Bluearth, which  can be also known as Be. (Believe)
 A site with Graphics. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Destiny phase 36 summary: (Highlight to read with a mini spoiler of phase 36)
Athrun continues his arguments with Dullindal in the hanger with Destiny and Legend. Athrun still feels uneasy about Dullindal. Athrun asks why Dullindal branded Kira and the Archangel as enemies. Dullindal remembers Kira Yamato. He reminds Athrun that Freedom has before attacked many ZAFT Mobile Suits before. Therefore he is an enemy. Dullindal then shifts his attention to Meer and addresses her as Lacus. Meer looks uneasy as Athrun gets angry.
The Earth alliance forces dock in the ZAFT base. Many Mobile Suits (especially Zaku and Goufs) are shown.  Meanwhile we get a snapshot of the Earth Alliance's Heaven Base. Underwater guarding it is a Forbidden Blue. Jibril is welcomed by the people inside the Heaven base. Meanwhile Rey has a conversation with Dullindal. Meer peeps outside and eavesdrops on them. She notices on the floor, a picture of Kira, Cagalli, Miriallia, and Athrun. Meer goes in shock.
Athrun is starring in his room with the lights off. He remembers about Kira questioning about the other Lacus (Meer) and then another memory of Shin destroying Freedom. Suddenly Meer knocks on the door. She opens it and switches on the light. She has a talk with him and shows him the photo she found. He then realized that he has been watched & Meer told him what she has heard. Rey reported that Athrun has met up with Kira and the crew and showed Gilbert several photos that were taken secretly without Athrun's knowing. Gilbert was aware that Athrun has strong feelings for his friends. Knew that he cannot be trusted and so sent soldiers to look for him while Meer was still with him. When the soldiers from outside heard the sound of glasses being broken, they dashed into the room & saw only Meer standing there. They ran out from the window not knowing that Athrun was above them. He has knocked them out unconscious. He asked Meer to escape with him and reaches his hand in for Meer. Meer runs out with him.
On the stairway Meer suddenly stops. Athrun tries to convince her to go, but she wouldn't. He calls out to her as "Meer" and Meer begins to yell and back away. We see a glimpse of Meer before she changed into her Lacus get up (She has black hair). Meer retorts that she is Lacus. Athrun is surprised. He hears the MPs coming near. He puts out his hand one more time and says "Meer". Meer rejects him and sits down on the step. Athrun runs away as Meer sits on the step weeping.
Athrun manages to get into Meyrin's room and puts his hand over her mouth to prevent her from calling his name out loud. He briefly explains his situation when the MPs go to her room. After Meyrin asked him what has happened, the soldiers came knocking onto Meyrin's door. After Meyrin asked him what has happened, the soldiers came knocking onto Meyrin's door. To help Athrun, Meyrin took him to the bathroom, took off her uniform & wet herself with the water. She opened the door. Lunamaria who was also nearby, walked up to Meyrin's door when she saw a group of soldiers outside. Meyrin explained to them that she was taking a shower and they left.  Lunamaria who is also there and is angry at the MPs. She scolds Meyrin for answering a door half naked and the MPs left. Athrun listening if was alright to come out decides to walk out. Meyrin, while on the floor cold. Athrun came out from the bathroom and covers her with the shower robe. When Athrun ready to leave, she grabbed his right leg and asked him to hold on. Meyrin then make use of her computer system to send signal to divert the soldiers' attention to the port. Both get into a car but when when she drove away in the car, Athrun is hiding inside, Rey noticed it and followed her. ZAFT HQ is notified along with Dullindal and Rey. Rey and a bunch of armed MPs begin the chase. Meyrin and Athrun are in an allyway when Meyrin goes to get a vehicle. She drives quickly with Athrun hiding next to her. They drive by Rey as Rey notices Meyrin in the driver seat and becomes suspicous.
They arrive to a Gouf and are about to board when Rey begins firing at the two. Athrun knocks her(Meyrin) down behind a control panel. Rey begins firing at the control panels, causing debris and bits to fall on Meyrin. Athrun yells at him to stop. Rey continues to fire. Athrun returns fire causing Rey to back off. Rey tries to go at it again, but Athrun's shot knocks his rifle off. Athrun holds his hand out for Meyrin. Meanwhile Rey retreats to get his gun. As the two make their way to the cockpit of the Gouf, Rey returns and fires at them, but misses as the enter the cockpit.
The Gouf launches and Rey contacts Shin to prepare launch with Destiny and Legend. Rey enters the cockpit of Legend with the Acronyms: Gunnery United Nuclear-Duetron Advance Manuever System. Shin starts up Destiny and asks Rey what this was about. Rey tells him they need to kill a spy who has taken a Gouf, Athrun. Shin is in shock about hearing Athrun. Meanwhile the Gouf flies into the thunderfilled skies.


 Lacus Clyne

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Image hosted by 29/6/2005
Removed five wallpapers due to the lack of space! Sorry!


Done three Asuran/Athrun and Cagalli wallpaper. Based on another wallpaper. If you're the owner who made this and do not permit me to edit this wallpaper, please send me a email and I'll remove the wallpapers at once. Well, that's all the updates for today....
The wallpaper:

Mine wallpaper:


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Phase 36 Athrun desserts is out on raw! A very exciting episode! We get to see Mia/Meer Campbell true's face!
And Athrun/Asuran gets some action!
The action: (Click to see bigger version)

Here are the screenshots: (taken from )

Found more spoilers for Gundam Seed Destiny, I'm putting it
up at
Contain spoilers for Phase 37-40. Source
And last by not least, Two cute little birds avatars done
by me for all!


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Created one neopet guild layout! I'm not going to put it up in a page unless I see the need to....I believe that's all the updates for today. But who knows, I might update again later.
The guild logos: (Choose any one)

Html code:

Background colour: Black
Header Text Colour: white
Main Text Colour: white
Link Colour: white
Main Border Colour: Crimson/Maroon/Red (choose either one)
Secondary Border Colour: Black
Note: You can use your own guild logo if you want.


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We've a new Affiliate! It's Kero from Kero's Anime Corner~Something Different~, a site with animes information! Check his site out! Added in 1 new support banner for all characters in Gundam Seed and two new  signatures/banners in Banners/Signatures. That's all the updates for today....
[edit] Added in three avatars in
Gundam Seed/Destiny Avatars page 1, two Lacus ones and one humour, Kira animated. Found some spoilers for Gundam Seed Destiny from phase 37-40.Read Only if you don't mind the spoilers. There's two translation. The second one is a better translation. The page is called Contains spoilers for Phase 37-40 If anyone knows Japanese very well and want to translate it, I'm putting the image up. Found this information from Gundam Seed at LJ in a entry. Oh yes...I also found out something else and it's spoilers! Head on to Contains spoilers for Phase 37-40 to know the spoiler. [/edit]
here's the image:

The banner:         The signatures:


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Well I've created a new page, the new page is called Banners/Signatures
and a support banner, it supports all the characters in Gundam Seed Destiny.  Although the image doesn't really fit... 2 Shinn/Athrun banners for forum usage. Enjoy! +Note that one is with text and the other is without text and the image does not belong to me. I took it from a wallpaper+ I'm putting the wallpaper up to let people see. I also created a Lacus Banner and signature and a seed club signature. Enjoy! The image was taken from minitokyo, I was told that someone drew the image. Aren't she talented! I included the links in Links, go check them out! And also I've changed picture of the month to Random sites for Home. That's all the updates for today.   |
Note: Click the images to enlarge

The wallpaper:       The image:
The banners (Support banner and Signatures)


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I added in one new wallpaper and also separated 800x600 and 1024x768!Uploaded 7 avatars in Gundam Seed/Destiny Avatars . Added in four new animations in Animation. Well, I thinking of putting up two shinn humour avatars and a Shinn/Athrun/Asuran animation but didn't dared to for fear all Shinn lovers starts to be angry. So instead I decided to put  them in a blank page. That page is called Shinn avatar/animation . <--Oh yes it contains spoilers, so if you have not watched the recent phases of Gundam Seed Destiny, please do not view it. Please do not think that I'm bashing Shinn! The images are just for humour! +Let us all enjoy Gundam Seed Destiny without any flame wars starting! ^o^+
+Note that I like/support all the characters in Gundam Seed Destiny!!+ And
I advise all Shinn lovers not to go that page if you're easily offended. Recently, I've seen lots of people bashing Kira, Shinn and Athrun a lot so I'm putting up banners.
*Note that the banners are created by fallen_xiah*


Uploaded lots of avatars!1 Kira avatar,3 Lacus avatars(1 humour), 2 Cagalli avatars in Gundam Seed/Destiny Avatars, 11 avatars in Non Gundam seed/destiny but Anime Avatars page 1 , 13 avatars in Non Gundam Seed/destiny but Anime Avatars page 2 , 2 avatars in Non Gundam seed Avatars. New Stellar/Shinn wallpapers coming soon.
Destiny phase 35 screenshots (Not mine, Taken from Various sites)


Uploaded 3 humor avatars in Non Gundam seed/destiny but Anime Avatars page. Added in Wallpapers page with 10 wallpapers in it and 1 image in it!! Enjoy!!! More new wallpapers and avatars on next update! That's all the updates for today...

Added in Athrun/Asuran Zala profile in Gundam Seed/Destiny Spoiler profile. Added in one new animation. Upload a total of five Non Gundam seed/destiny but Anime avatars. I also added in a Hit counter to almost every page. Also uploaded 2 Gundam Seed Destiny avatars. Separated Gundam Seed/Destiny avatars..  Will add in a wallpaper page soon...Lots of hugs from me to everyone who visits here! Please comment...Thanks!
Upload a total of 42 Non Gundam Seed but Anime avatars, go check it out at its new page Non Gundam seed/destiny but Anime page and page 2!!Also upload a Gundam seed avatar! Updated Affiliation rules....By the way...did you notice? the background for the graphics are different from the background for the other pages. Sorry everyone for the Gundam Seed avatars page, I know it's not fair for having it to be so long. I'll try to make another page or pages for it soon....So for the time being please bear with it.
Upload a total of 20 Non Gundam Seed avatars, go check it out!1 new animation can be found at Animation.
Upload new layout! Now with more pages!
*Stellar Spoiler * +Highlight to read+
Stellar dies in Gundam Seed phrase 32.After Freedom jams it's beam saber into the cannons and after explosions occur in Stellar's cockpit.
Created this layout!