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Lacus Clyne Profile

Image created by Tomoyo
Lacus Clyne
Nickname:Pink hair princess
February 5, CE 55
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hair: Light Pink
Blood type:
Genetic type:Coordinator
Age: 18 years old(in Gundam Seed Destiny)(16 inGundam Seed)
Former comander of the ship Eternal(In gundam Seed),
she now lives with kira and takes care of orphans.In the later series,
she helps out at the archangel as the archangel is short-handed.
I think that although she may not be that strong willed in the first few appearance in Gundam Seed Destiny,
she is still as strong willed as ever.
 And also she might expose Mia/Meer Campell in phase 27
as in phase 26 she returns back to Plant.

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