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Welcome to Bluearth, which  can be also known as Be. (Believe)
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Spoiler free Character Profile

Shin Asuka: one of the main character in Gundam Seed Destiny.
A Coordinator born in Orb. Very close to his younger sister, Mayu Asuka
till she died. Keeps her hand phone as a memory.
Blames Orb (more specifically Orb's representative, Cagalli) for the
death of his family.

Athrun/Asuran Zala: Athrun defected to Orb. And now returning back as Cagalli's personal bodyguard, he met Shin and the others in a conference between Cagalli and Dullindal (New supreme chairman of Plant) at Plant.

Kira Yamato: now living with Lacus Clyne, together they take care of
orphan children, and also has a cool outfit.

Gilbert Dullindal: The new Chairman of ZAFT, known to be a very great leader and he desires for peace. Trusted and respected by many, he is extremely serious and calm at most situations, also very kind to his people.

Heine Vestenfluss is one of the members of ZAFT's FAITH Squadron.

Yzak Joule: Still as hot tempered as ever. He is now a Commander, and pilots a commander type Zaku. Dearka is still his best friend.

Dearka Elsman:  His status has somehow been changed to a regular soldier status and pliots the new standard Zaku Warrior. Still as comedic as ever, he remains as Yzak's trusted friend.